Hi Professor!

I hope the rest of your summer has been going well! I'm sure you're
having a blast teaching yoga classes.  I have some good news!
I've been falling asleep without the music you gave us!
One night I forgot to use it and fell asleep quickly- I was
shocked! So the next night  I didn't use it on purpose to see what
would happen- and it worked again! Even if I wake up in the middle
of the night I can easily fall back asleep for first time in years.
I'd say its been about a week and a half without the music and its
going well :) I was so excited that I had to tell you!
Your music has trained me to sleep in just 6 weeks!!!!!
Thanks so much! -Christina


I found the experience with Dalien to be a very unique and invigorating twist to other Kirtans I’ve attended. The group participation, humor, and heart felt sincerity made it an amazing experience! – Dylan, Kripalu

“I find my personal Jesus in 13 HANDS’ Music” – Russell Brand (English comedian / Actor – Forgetting Sarah Marshall)

Thank you so much for a wonderful evening!! Everyone was blown away by your presence and your amazing talents…there were moments of pure transcendence that were so pure and genuine and communal. We look forward to having you remain part of our community as we grow. Thanks again and many blessings – Todd, Your Center


The “most memorable yoga teacher award” truly is yours! – G Klemm It was so awesome to see you perform at Unity Church this Saturday….Mesmerizing performance! – Sara O

Saw you last night at Omega! What a great performance! I would love a playlist from last night… the music inspired me and really put a frame around the whole weekend! Thank you! – Michelle H

Great show last night! Thoroughly enjoyed it…rocked! :) Cailin O

Thank you for a great kirtan/show last night. It was amazingly cool experience and your songs are so sweet. Blessings! – Ezza V

Loved every minute of Saturday’s class. I could listen to you crack jokes and sing all day! Your music is beautiful. It’s always a pleasure to be in oneof your workshops. My body ached for two days!!! Of course it was a good ache; – Jaime

Dalien is an incredibly gifted musician and yoga instructor. His music carries the listener away and the healing spirit that comes out of his voice is full of life, passion, and love. Dalien has such a great sense of humor and a spirit overflowing with compassion and understanding…oh and his songs…AMAZING…needs to be on the radio, like all the time!!! – Maureen

I’ve been enjoying your chant piece Ganesha. It’s absolutely gorgeous and a marvelous beginning to just about anything. I wish you great success with your video and new music. – Eaven

On your New Years Eve Class… You were hilarious and the yoga felt great. Your class is remarkable and refreshing. I had no idea what great things live comedy could do to my practice, and it was such fun to have a nickname too! – Robert

You are an inspiration and a model to alternative health professionals of how hard work and a love for what you do can create success and abundance. I admire your work, commitment….and your music!!!! – Stacy



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