Sound Meditation & Vibrational Healing


“Everything that is organic and natural in form has a resonating frequency at which it vibrates…”   This a basic fundamental law of physics you may or may have not heard of.   Some of you may remember your first Physics class in high school.   Without going into a dissertation, very simply, YOU ARE NATURAL, YOU ARE ORGANIC, EVERY PART OF YOUR BODY, EVERY LIMB, FINGER AND TOE, EVERY TISSUE, EVERY SPINAL VERTEBRA, EVERY NERVE, EVERY BRAIN CELL & MOLECULE INSIDE OF YOU, EVERY THOUGHT, EVERY BEAT OF YOUR HEART AND EVERY FART………… YOU MAKE…….:)………… RESPONDS TO, RECEIVES AND TRANSMITS vibrational energy in order to keep your human energy machine in balance.

Explore the web universe to tap into the plethora of wisdom being shared on the subjects of sound, vibration, frequency and healing……   Google SOUND HEALING, CRYSTAL BOWL MEDITATION, KIRTAN, CHANTING & VIBRATIONAL MEDICINE

Illness in the body is like a piano that has gone out of tune… the frequencies, connections and vibrations are not in synchronization with one another… they are not a team, they are not connected, they are screaming for help (figuratively) in order to realign and get back in tune.  So if we stay with this example, then what would we do next?  We would hire a piano tuner to come in and treat the wood of the piano and then stabilize the tension in the strings so they all play in tune and hopefully, STAY in tune……..  So if we stop personifying the piano in this example and apply the “tune-up” process to humans… then what can we be doing as humans to be keeping, more  “in tune”?


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“I loved the class! I had an awesome time spending the weekend with people who find positive in every life experience. I felt so peaceful. The bowl ceremony helped me see what areas in my life need work. I had a break through! :) Thank you for that. Also, thank you for sharing your knowledge of sound therapy with us. I look forward to your sacred flute and drumming workshops.”
“Daniel’s Crystal Bowl Training weekend was a truly amazing experience! Daniel’s knowledge of the chakras and how the crystal bowl vibrations affect and balance the energies was beyond informative; he has a down-to-earth way of explaining and talking about the chakra system that I kept having these “Ah-ha” moments where my undertanding of how and what the sound vibrations balance just kept becoming more and more clear to me. As a therapist I feel I now have a powerful and beautiful tool in my toolbox to help my clients balance any blocks they may have by using the healing vibrations of the crystal bowls. And Daniel’s instruction and guidance in how to play the bowls is so loving and effortless that you feel as if you’ve been playing them for years; he makes it feel so easy and fun! I can’t wait for the next workshop!!
“The workshop went beyond just crystal bowl training since you presented a compassionate way of offering sound vibration for healing which I find is so much more important than treating the bowls as just a performance tool. Thanks to your manual, now I have a reference to technical information. I feel that the most I got out of the class is confidence in offering healing sound vibration using the crystal bowls to people. I felt very comfortable with your training and received some valuable intuitive guidance about myself from the chakra exploration.”
“The crystal bowl workshop provided me with valuable knowledge & hands on experience giving me the confidence to use the crystal bowl as a healing journey for myself & for my yoga students.”
“I found that the your Crystal Bowl class at Starseed was extraordinary. There were so many things I enjoyed, I will just ramble on about them. I enjoyed the meditation and yoga and the whole spiritual aspect of the class. You provided a lot of details that I enjoy. For instance, the A&P lesson on the ear and how we hear. You had a plan and followed it. You provided a great resource (the book) that we used in class. I have referenced it many times since. You add a great deal of personal experience to the teaching. That helps bring it alive and shows how you walk the walk. I would recommend you as an instructor for anything you teach!” I am ready for a class on the flute now!


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