Raw Foods

I’ll make it real easy for you….and very raw.

1.  If it comes off a tree and grows from the ground, then chances are…its’ real food :)…pending any genetic modification…don’t eat GMO…GOT IT?

1.5  Raw foods, if they are going be heated, lightly cooked or dried, it should be at a temperature of no higher than 104 degrees using a dehydrator, as anything higher than that destroys the enzymes, healing potential and renders it pretty much changes its molecular structure and renders it toxic to the body.

2.  Thousands of people have cured, “incurable” illness by Western medical standards through enzyme-rich, raw foods coupled with the acid/alkaline balancing of diet, stress management, yoga, the non-combative forms of martial arts and working on unresolved childhood issues and related traumatic issue with emotional healing practices, such as ancient shamanism rituals and other therapies.   Its a comprehensive approach to heal, buy the ticket, take the trip and see what you’re made of underneath the program of the Matrix.

3.  Underneath the hood of your stomach is an engine…learn all about it….because frankly, if you only take a dump once a day, then your engine is backed up, clogged and toxic :)

4.  Read your labels, with raw foods there’s not much to do……uh, its’ pretty self-explanatory.  Do your best to eat organic as much as possible, ask questions and buy healthy food.

5.  At first, there might be some challenges eating raw vegetables, sprouts or juicing..it’s been advised to incorporate a good digestive enzyme and pro-biotic to help with the transition in the stomach, pancreas and appendix that are reacting to this change (evolution back to optimum state of health)… but they are loving you for doing so…so hang in there.  Remember we were foragers and ate raw before we ever cooked anything and the body still understands and processes that…its’ just the evolution of what we think is “food” these days is a bunch of short cuts, fast food, high sodium, overly processed foods that do nothing for you, except slow you down and age you from the inside out.      If jumping into raw is too challenging at first, you can work you’re way up by steaming, (use quality spring water for steaming and drink the water afterward for it is filled with nutrients; as is soup broth) making soups and slowly test the waters to build toward tolerating raw foods.   For individuals who are in a major healing crisis, steamed and lightly cooked alkaline forming foods can be used in baby steps as you slowly introduce the raw approaches. I would recommend starting with the help of an Auyervedic practitioner as that will do wonders to stabilize and balance your digestive system and will improve your potential to process some raw foods over time.   But if you are really in a health/life threatening crisis, it would behoove  you to look at an established health clinic, like Hippocrates or Tree of Life, as time is of the essence for you and the power of raw foods will be a helpful complimentary or primary care strategy to help your recovery.  Ultimately you must decide what feels right for you, but educate yourself fully….and don’t let fear of death stand in your way of rebuilding your life.    Hippocrates saved my  life and countless others.  If you want to live, then you will do what it takes….sometimes it takes hitting rock bottom before you wake up and change.

5.5  Germination: All seeds, nuts and grains when germinated (soaked in water for a specific period of time, then watered and rinsed twice a day like you’d water  a plant) will then unlock their fullest nutritional, enzyme potential and healing potential for the body.  Soaking then sprouting them (growing them in glass jars, or sprouting system, preferably not plastic) will officially make you a sprout farmer…Welcome aboard.  The germinated seed, nut or grain is now fully digestible and absorbable by the body.   Raw seeds, nuts and grains in their raw form, un-germinated, have an enzyme blocking prohibiter built into their molecular structure that doesn’t allow you to digest their full nutritional potential.  By simply adding water to the seed, nut or grain, you release all the vitamins, proteins, minerals, carbohydrates and fats that can be chemically absorbed by the body.  Amino Acids are formed as he sprouting unlocks and breaks down the complex proteins!.  Sprouts fight cancer and are alkalizing to the body!   Sulphurohane and isoflavones are cancer fighting compounds that protect the body from cellular mutations and efficiently detoxify the body!    They also include immune system boosting  nitrosamines, bioflavanoids, trace minerals and chlorophyll.   Oh, and most importantly…..you’ll be taking “Wooly Mammoth” size dumps and 3-5 times a day… I’m the bowl right now writing this from my laptop!

6.  There are no shortcuts to health, so stop complaining about cleaning your juicer…… nobody likes a whiner… :)

7.  Turn your microwave into a decorative piece, unplug it and/or  recycle it.   All cooked food is dead food…especially radiated food (yes, even hot pockets kids)  It might feel good in your belly and give a you tad of emotional comfort when depressed, but you’re not absorbing “diddly squat”…. would you eat a terd?   FYI, that’s what your eating when you eat microwaved food, you just think it tastes good because of the chemicals, high sodium levels, colorings and artificial ingredients that have been clogging up your system for years, and dates back, most likely for some, to one’s early childhood eating habits.

Remember, artificial ingredients contribute to an artificial and superficial life….your short changing this planet, yourself and future generations by not living up to your full potential.   No more eating terds, okay?  Make the Vow…. say it with me three times…. I Won’t Eat Terds Anymore… I WON’T EAT TERDS ANYMORE!   I WON’T EAT TERDS ANYMORE….DAMMIT! :)

8.  Lets get rooftop organic, pure heirloom seed gardens growing on top of all hospitals, social service institutions and schools that can be tended by the children, educating them about the natural order of living in balance with the earth.  We must heal and evolve the food supply of this world…..we are functioning below our human potential by eating all these chemically laden, processed food!

9.  Quick question:  Do the policy makers of the FDA hold graduate level degrees in nutrition and/or have biology, mind, body, health backgrounds and work-related credentials?  If not, they should not be there telling what Americans should eat or how we should be taking care of ourselves.  Follow the policies they are trying to pass…they are trying to tell you what supplements you can and cannot purchase in order to maintain your health.  This is a simple common sense situation……… you wouldn’t want a crack smoker teaching 7th grade math to your child would you?   Would you buy food from a health food store where the owner, as well intentioned as he/she may be, still eats fast food and has multiple health problems?  Think…..

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GOOGLE information about acid/alkaline Ph food chart, raw foods, digestive enzymes, pro-biotics to get yourself started along with Hippocrates Institute in Florida and Tree of Life, in Arizona.

Start your journey and YOUR RE-EDUCATION…take your power back, step into your purpose and mission on this planet.

When you are mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy….you are in the fullest expression of your self-worth, your fullest, compassionate heart, your complete, integrated, personal power wielding a humble but strong confidence in the world and are able to do anything you put your mind to.   Your whole life will change when you respect yourself, take care of your health and eat from the raw and natural foods this earth provides for us.  We broke the system, now we must ALL fix it.

10.  Monsanto folks, just stop….

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