Yoga Workshops, Classes & Retreats

Some  sample programming…..

Lower Chakra Integration 101 – Dalien will weave a thread of understanding through the lower chakras and their related yoga asanas. The importance of physically stabilizing the core, low back and legs will help route the intuitive and sacred energy of the higher chakras downward into the lower ones; allowing for a stronger sense of self, heart driven purpose and feeling more grounded and trusting in the physical world. Various meditative and pranayama practices will be included along with a sound meditation experience and a few chants to close the class.

The Role of Yoga in Treating PTSD – Dalien has created a very unique and successful approach to helping people who are suffering from various forms of PTSD. (Posttraumatic Stress Disorder) For the past 15 years, his HEARTT PROTOCOLS methodology has demonstrated consistent success in the healing and management of symptoms related to trauma related PTSD. Depression, Anxiety, Suicide and related immune challenges can improve and change when knowing how to intuitively combine the various holistic tools from various eastern and spiritual modalities such as Yoga, Martial Arts, Nutrition, Energy Principles and much more!

Therapeutic Yoga & Sound – Dalien shares over 15 years of insight related to providing yoga and sound therapy in assisted living, nursing homes, psychiatric hospitals and other related arenas.

The Spiritual Business of Yoga – Dalien shares his successful approaches to setting up a “spiritual” business model based in integrity, creating win-win situations, conquering fear and bringing in super abundance both emotionally and financially. Dalien undergraduate degree was from NYU in various areas of the Music Business and Marketing.

Chakra Workshops and Series Dalien explores the main 7 chakra energy systems, their inter-relationships to the mind and organ function; along with exploring various sound and vibrational healing approaches. He cured himself earlier on in his life from severe health adversity; this knowledge has allowed him to share REAL wisdom on how to understand chakras on a more deeper level and integrate the information on a practical level. Can be done as a series or weekend workshop.                            Sample title: “Get Chakra-nated – Understanding Your Chakras Is Understanding Oneself”

“Laugh Your Way to Enlightenment…or Bust” – Dalien is known for his free-spirited, Robin Williams like yoga teaching style….whereas you’ll learn some great technical pointers about your practice and poses, but will experience the most natural and healing form of pranayama…. laughter…. more like “spiritual stand-up”

All Yoga related programming combines sound, chant, kirtan, drumming and music aspects…. either in additional short or long form concerts and sound meditation exercises

Various combinations of programming exist and can be designed depending upon size of the room and what works best for studio / student population or venue.


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