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The menu options under “Store” feature every album, song, chant or meditative healing music project recorded by 13 HANDS.    At this time,  the entire 13 album, 13 HANDS catalog is exclusively available at BANDCAMP, the most important music store on the planet for independent artists….Know that when you purchase a 13 HANDS song or album on BANDCAMP, you become connected and become part of the 13 HANDS family and tribe, unlike iTunes and other stores…. BANDCAMP shares the email address of the customer so we can stay in contact after your purchase and you can stay informed of news, events, free promotions, special VIP offers only available to the fans and supporters who buy from BANDCAMP. iTunes does not care about independent artists and only caters to the world famous pop artists of the day and of course classic artists and albums of yesteryear.
Please support me, my music and the healing work I bring to the world through BANDCAMP.

Everyone who supports my music is important to me and I want to know who you are so we can stay connected… and BANDCAMP is the only music store that nurtures and promotes that fan/friend relationship with the artist. It’s easy and completely safe… just your CCard or Paypal, no different than any other store. Another option is purchase from me live at the events via the online 13 HANDS store by purchasing through the 13 HANDS Ipad system I’ve created. If you have any questions about any of the music or if you are a company interested in licensing anything for TV, film, yoga, etc.. then just connect via the email below and we’ll go from there.


13 HANDS – Thumbs Up High Five

13 HANDS – Holiday, Hare Hare Ho Down, Better Than Egg Nog, Christmas & Chant Collection

 13 HANDS – The Legend Of Pepper Mary

 13 HANDS – You Are What You Leave Behind

13 HANDS – Thetaland

13 HANDS – The Johnny Introspective

13 HANDS – Self Titled

13 HANDS – Fix My Feet

13 HANDS – Shamanic Power Dance

13 HANDS – Jacques Cousteau

13 HANDS – Flotation Device

13 HANDS – Crystal Bowl Meditation



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