Chakra 101

Chakras are defined as “Wheels of Energy” within the body.  There are lots of them, major and micro chakras….like acupuncture meridians or marma points but much bigger and grander in scale as to their functions.   They are like overlords of the physiological, chemical, hormonal, energetic, spiritual, biological, mental, and intuitive functioning within all of us.   In most discussions, the main 7 Chakras are most often addressed, or what I like to call your “Energetic Board of Directors”.   You can’t see chakras, but it is believed that they were first discovered (manifested) in deep meditation; where a very profound, intuitive epiphany, explanation and visualization of them was initially born.

They are like doors that open and close that move vital energy through the body.  When they are open and flowing the are contributing to mental, physical, emotional and spiritual balance within our organs, our mind, our personality and behavior along with providing a feeling of trust and peace in the process of life.

Stress, disease and various illness or body pain is a tell tale sign that on an energy level, there is some sort of blockage in the vital life force of the body.  Intuitive healers tend to have a good sense of figuring out what area is blocked if you feel like you need more holistic insight into any challenge your facing…

As the site develops, there will be more resource and links to information to support your journey into Chakra theory…. so stay tuned

Street Cafe with 13 HANDS

STREET CHAKRA 101:  some fun ways to look at the issues and strengths surrounding the chakras in a very “street” way.

Root Chakra Yo!  – Pay Yo Bills,• Make Dat Money wit Integrity, • Stand on Yo Own 2 Feet!,  • Chop Wood….Carry Water – Take Care of Yo’ Sons & Yo Daughters, • Gonna Go Sit over here on this Rock and ground my S$%@, maybe open Quickbooks or some S$#@!

Sacral Chakra Yo! – Emotions in Motion People, • Aw Girl, I wanna Dance Wit You • Damn Your So Fine! •, Gimme that Paintbrush – Gonna Paint me a Picasso • You can like my body, but you can’t own or control it MOFO.

Solar Plexus Chakra Yo! – I can, will and gonna do it. •  Strong… Elephant Strong…. shootin’ an integrous fire out of my elephant ass!,  • Believe in Da Power of Yo’self. •  EAsy on the Chili Dog my Brother…Better give me a warning! •  Don’t be Pullin a Bernie Madoff now!

Heart Plexus Chakra Yo! – Lovin’ You is Easy – Lovin Me a Bit Mo’ Tricky, •  Give Yourself A Damn Hug – Don’t Matter Whatcha Smell Like!,  •  Drop that Bow Cupid and Get your Naked Cherub Ass Away from Me

Throat Chakra Yo! – WTF!, •  Express Yo’Self, Don’t Repress Yo’Self,  • Honey, Did You Fart at the Dinner Table Last Night?  •  Time for Karaoke….Sober!

Third Eye Chakra Yo! – I see Dead People beotch!  •  John Edwards, I challenge you to a Psychic Walk Off… Zoolander style!,   • Aw man, I know whose callin me before the damn phone even rings… •  I’m so stressed, my third eye is going cross-eyed!

Crown Chakra Yo! – Thou Shalt Not Drink Any Beverage Where a Nail Can Disintegrate In It Over the Course Of 5 Days • Red, Yellow, Blue Lake #20 and other colorings are not food, if they were, then we’d be eating paint, crayons, etc..  • Thou Shall Not Kill – No Duh – Drop the Guns People and Start Packing Smiles Loaded with Sunshine….Word!

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