Blog 7/8/11

Monsanto folks, just stop….get a new hobby or get out of the lab and play more Wii Bowling… You do realize you could be doing more with your life than playing Frankenstein with the food supply.   Somewhere inside your compulsive need to control the food supply with your GMO seeds is a heart that is in pain trying to overcompensate in the world by feeling mighty, wealthy and powerful because you think you have this grand plan to control the worlds’ access to seeds. And maybe, as you claim, you think you’re helping with issues related to global hunger…..c’mon.   If you were truly happy in your hearts, then you would have the inner awareness and common sense not to mess with mother nature, genetically alter seeds and make the American people and world your unwilling, guinea pigs when you haven’t even done human trials on the effects of GMO… Tell me, do you grow and feed your children your GMO foods grown from your seeds?   If you don’t, then the conflict of interest is quite clear…..History will not be kind to you when we look back at this time during our human evolution, more like de-evolution.

Blog 7/7/11

Red, Yellow, Blue Lake #20 are not foods, they are colorings- if they were food, then we would also be eating paint.

Blog 7/4/11

“I truly believe if Bernie Madoff had access to specific mind/body healing tools, then he could of healed or managed his selfish heart and maybe would of been a better human being….but perhaps its because of his example we can start looking more closely at the makeup and motivations of a person and their behaviors in order to stop this type of hurtful behavior being inflicted, and this relates to all areas of life and to people who commit all sorts of crime………it would be like that movie Minority Report where we could predict and track mental and emotional states and actions…and create healing interventions for people before they act illegally……Someone in a super hero cape flies into Madoff’s office with a Jack La Lane Juicer, some suggestions for increased dietary fiber and an unlimited class card to the Yoga center down the street..and of course, a 13 HANDS music meditation CD……lol”

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