Welcome to the home of 13 HANDS, aka DALIEN, Grammy nominated artist, Yoga Professor, health educator, PTSD specialist and sound healer.  To get you started, 13 HANDS is not a band, its more like “50 Cent”, but completely different.  DALIEN is a nickname, a play on his real name Daniel…kind of has a “Bono” kind of edge.  He goes by both titles with 13 HANDS being used for music related events and DALIEN, aka 13 HANDS for yoga, health and music related and combined events.  There are musicians that do perform with him depending upon the event, but that is case by case… When you don’t have the overhead financing of Justin Beiber, its’ a bit more grass roots…:)  Below you can read about 13 HANDS / NOMADYOGA, the company that integrates everything he does.     On the 13 HANDS and DALIEN menu options under the ABOUT section, you can read a little more about his music and yoga background.

“Most people who become successful in their careers begin philanthropic ventures or start giving back later in life, this guy has built an inspiring life and has been doing service right from the get go….and makes great music!” –  James L

“I never realized how I could use my instrument for healing and relaxation until I connected with 13 HANDS….its’ really simple as musicians to do both sides, the contemporary and the healing if your heart is in the right place.” – Judy G.

THE COMPANY: ( or how this outside the box, Irish laddie keeps his bills paid, a roof over his head and food on the plate..) :)                                                                                                                                13 HANDS / NOMDYOGA LLC is an integrative education, yoga, arts, music and professional/personal development company built upon the passion to create health awareness, bring change and inspire through education, yoga, mind-body health, music, the arts, environmental consciousness, empowerment and motivational health-based programs……OR IN OTHER WORDS..

It is a rock n’ roll, yoga, mind/body/spirit, sound healing, kirtan, empowerment, social service and health education mothership that has traveled the galaxy at light speed and landed in its 21st century destination… planet Earth.  Like Brother and Sister, Yin and Yang, Sita and Ram, Ralph and Norton, Batman and Robin, McCartney and Lennon and Mother and Father…. 13 HANDS and NOMADYOGA is a unique partnership of the arts, healing and education that spans 20 years experience of healthy living practices and musical experience.

Music is the thread that weaves itself through every aspect of our lives; as sound is a primal force of energy and vibration that unites, heals, calms and opens our mind/body/spirit.   The effects of music and sound (like the yoga tai chi or qigong practice) know no boundaries, race, culture, creed or religion.  It has the potential to bring happiness, health and inner understanding to every aspect of our lives….. once we calm down…. :)

13 HANDS shares and administers music and yoga in all its various applications and therapeutic approaches  7 days a week, 365 days a year.   Have fun exploring the site, welcome aboard the “Mothership”, be sure to “Like” the page and link to Facebook and sign up on the newsletter for special announcements, upcoming events and music offers!  Music is available here through Paypal and via links to iTunes…
Your support is appreciated beyond words….



                                                                                                                           INTERNSHIPS AVAILABLE /VOLUNTEERS NEEDED:                                                                                                              If you’d like to intern in social media promotions, help with events or support  13 HANDS / NOMADYOGA and PTSDNJ, please email 13hands1@nac.net

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