13 HANDS / NOMDYOGA LLC is an integrative education, yoga, arts, music and professional/personal development company built upon the passion to create health awareness, bring change and inspire through education, yoga, mind-body health, music, the arts, environmental consciousness, empowerment and motivational health-based programs……OR IN OTHER WORDS..

It is a rock n’ roll, yoga, mind/body/spirit, sound healing, kirtan, empowerment, social service and health education mothership that has traveled the galaxy at light speed and landed in its 21st century destination… planet Earth.  Like Brother and Sister, Yin and Yang, Sita and Ram, Ralph and Norton, Batman and Robin, McCartney and Lennon and Mother and Father…. 13 HANDS and NOMADYOGA is a unique partnership of the arts, healing and education that spans 20 years experience of healthy living practices and musical experience.

Music is the thread that weaves itself through every aspect of our lives; as sound is a primal force of energy and vibration that unites, heals, calms and opens our mind/body/spirit.   The effects of music and sound (like the yoga tai chi or qigong practice) know no boundaries, race, culture, creed or religion.  It has the potential to bring happiness, health and inner understanding to every aspect of our lives….. once we calm down…. :)



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